i thought as much as i was alive in the moment that time

feeling compelled to move towards Atlanta, following my passion for art

No Money. No Honey.

Becoming the next Cormac McCarthy



Dark depression to the point there was no were else to go but up or...

J'étais timide et triste

zipping around on my honda z50

Shh no tears, only dreams now

wild and free

I was full of dreams

Trying my hardest to stand out from everyone else so I could find myself.

Meeting friends at the lake in the summer, doing nothing and everything.

All my best friends were still in one place, so close together in every way.

Going dancing in mexico and having my first tequilla shot

Boys. Boys. All i wanted was a boyfriend. That's it.

Breaking out from Long Island to see my sister in CA. Life. Changed.

Going to NYC for the first time with my best friend, Jeanne.

Punk shows and waffle house philosophy.

The Smiths The Cure Metallica Siouxsie Sioux The Kinks ViolentFemmes Dead Kennedys Led Zepplin Leadbelly

One thing and one thing only : Get the Driver's License

15 meant experimenting: ski trip with Young Life church group even though I was Jewish

Consuming anything and everything, thinking I would stumble upon the secrets of the universe by watching Clerks in my friend’s basement.

sometimes we went to the beach and held hands on the big jutting rock.

Smoking English cigarettes out of the car window while Neil Young sang on the radio.

when i was still under a hundred pounds and ran varsity

Adam's trampoline at 3am in the middle of july and running into friends already there